Here are some highlights of the One More Moment – Eve of the Eve event! What an awesome turn out for an incredible evening! One More Moment, located in Ann Arbor, MI, is a charity that provides local resources and support for families fighting late stage cancer to enjoy One More Moment together. If you’d like to get involved or find out more, click on the link:

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What an awesome story! This most certainly would have been on Pinterest as a DIY wedding item had Pinterest existed 70 years ago! I often wonder what kind of “old married couple” Nicole and I will be like when we get to that age…


I proposed to Nicole on September 13th, 2015. I knew she was “the one” for sometime  and we had openly discussed marriage before that date. But little did she know that I was secretly having a ring made and planning to officially pop the question! Looking back at it, the way I proposed to Nicole was kinda silly and yet romantic at the same time.

We had our first date at a coffee shop in Ferndale, MI. We spoke for hours and lost track of time. It was getting late and we decided to head home. I was babbling on about something while walking back to the car. Nicole stops me and says “I have to get something out of the way” and kisses me in the parking lot. Fast forward to September 13th, 2015, I take Nicole to one of our favorite restaurants with an engagement ring in my glove compartment in my car. I don’t know why I was so nervous, ‘Of course she’ll say yes!’ I would tell myself. ‘But what if she sees it before we get to the restaurant?!’. Somehow I kept my cool and Nicole never suspected a thing! It was a beautiful warm day and I had my sunglasses on. As we exited the car, I pretend that I forgot to leave my sunglasses in the car and thats when I grab the ring box. I ran up to her and said “I have to get something out of the way”, get on one knee and pop the question! And yes, she said yes! lol

Since then, we went over every little detail; the date, the location, who would be invited, etc.. Together we have traveled the country photographing weddings and couples, and after experiencing countless weddings, we still have no idea what we want to do! We go back and fourth on the idea of a small intimate wedding or a grand wedding. Eloping in Paris and honeymooning in Japan. We half jokingly suggested combining all the elements, ceremonies, celebrations, and traditions that we have photographed over the years into one extravagant celebration.

Nicole and I LOVE Halloween, autumn and everything that comes with the season. We love the idea of an elegant, vintage, Halloween themed wedding. The idea is to be surrounded by woods with the fall colors. Vintage furniture decorated with pumpkins, gourds, candy corn, and white candles. A dessert table with classic fall foods, macaroons, fruits, and cheeses. Guests would be encouraged to carve and bring a jack-o-lantern which would serve as the isle way for the bride to walk down. Nicole would wear a unique black dress and I would wear what a gentleman would wear in the Victorian Era. The evening would end with singing and dancing around a bonfire. Simple, elegant, and exactly our style.

And yet, we could end up changing our minds and do something entirely different by the time fall rolls around! Planning a wedding is difficult!

Photo credit: Vera Wang